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Yeosu possesses the beautiful landscapes and various marine facilities of the South Coast, and it is a city of patriotic allegiance that holds the patriotic culture where indwells the loyalty of the admirals. Flights times between Seoul-Yeosu take 55 minutes, and between Jeju-Yeosu take 45 minutes.

With the operation of a new runway on November 25, 2004, it came to provide and even more convenient air traffic service with its commissioning of mid-sized aircrafts as well as securing its aircraft flight punctuality and decreasing its percentage of cancellations, and with the completion of construction in 2005 it is playing a pivotal role in Kwangyang Bay in the development of the free economic zone, the Yeosu national industrial complex, and the Yulchon industrial complex, etc., as the gateway airport of East Jeollanam-do.
Yeosu Airport


1971. 05
Completion of runway & ramps
1971. 08
New construction of the temporary complex
1972. 05
Commissioning of Korean Air(Seoul↔Yeosu)
1976. 06
Suspension of regular routes
1977. 07
Resumption of regular routes & route addition(Yeosu↔Jeju)
1986. 09
Expansion of Passenger Terminal(392㎡ → 1517㎡ )
1990. 06
Establishment of the Korea Airports Corporation’s Yeosu Branch
1992. 12
Commissioning of Asiana Airlines(Seoul↔Yeosu)
1998 ~ 2005
Commencement of the Yeosu Airport expansion construction
2004. 11
Operation of a new runway
2005. 11
Opening of the new Passenger Terminal
2006. 06
Operation of the boarding bridge

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