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Located at Dongho-ri, Sonyang-myeon, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do, Yangyang International Airport is the alternate airport of Sokcho Airport that has inadequate facilities and location conditions as well as Gengneung Airport that falls short of safety standards because of insufficient landing pad facilities. It provides its air traffic services with purposes such as regional balance development and attracting overseas tourists with its utilization of Yeongdong’s tourist attractions like Seoraksan and Geumgangsan.

As the base airport of the center of Yeongdong and the aviation gateway of Gangwon-do tourism it is equipped with a passenger terminal that can handle 3,170,000 people a year and parking facilities that can accommodate 498 vehicles for the convenience of its users.
Yangyang International Airport


1995. 02
Finalization of the proposed site of Yangyang’s new airport
1996. 02
Establishment and announcement of the general plan
1997. 02
Beginning of construction of the Yangyang International Airport
2001. 12
Completion of the Yangyang International Airport’s construction project
2002. 04
Opening of the Yangyang International Airport

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