Transit Precautions

To transit means to stopover at a different location while on your way to your destination, and includes procedures such as the alighting of the passengers, supply of fuel and water, restocking of in-flight meals, rotation of flight crew, cabin cleaning, and mechanical adjustments, and generally takes around 1 hour. Depending on the situation the passengers either wait inside the cabins or in the waiting rooms.
The number of transits is particularly high with low-cost tickets so it is advised that you make sure of your flight’s total number of transits.

Transfer Precautions

Transfers occur when traveling to a different country from a major city that has international flights, or when traveling to provincial cities by way of domestic flights.
Transfers are usually reserved domestically but check-in is done on-site. Provided, baggage is sent to the final destination.
However, when entering America you can only transfer by claiming your baggage at your middle stopover and going through scanning.

Bumped Situation

There are cases in which despite a reservation you are unable to board the flight at the scheduled time in a state of having not yet been checked-in. This is entirely the airline’s responsibility and in such cases the airline will secure a different flight which you can take, or provide for the customers’ additional expenses and sometimes their hotel accommodation fees.
The amount covered by the airline at this time will differ according to the schedule and distance of the flight you will now be taking, but this is an amount that falls short of a regular ticket price.
Therefore, it is advised that you go out and check-in and then receive a seat allocation in advance.

In Case of a Lost Plane Ticket

If you lose your plane ticket while traveling, you can be reissued one by finding the airline or airline agency of your ticket and telling them your plane ticket number, date of issue, section, etc.
However, as this process takes some time, if you can afford to you can purchase a new ticket and then after returning visit the relevant airline’s headquarters with your newly purchased ticket(passenger ticket) and identification and receive a cash refund. Otherwise, you can use the PTA prepaid notice.
For this method you simply have to make a request to someone you know in Korea and then go find the relevant overseas airline branch. Just in case, it is advised that you make a not of your plane ticket number, date of issue, section, and phone number of the travel agency or airline.

In Case of Lost Baggage

First, make a report at the baggage lost and found center at ''Baggage Claim''. Here, you must provide your baggage tag and tell them your baggage features.
Those you have registered for overseas travel insurance must be issued a loss certificate by the airport or airline in preparation of compensation issues if the baggage is not found.

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