Airport Technology

KAC developed new airport facilities such as Passenger Boarding Bridge and Baggage Handling System whose design is focused on user convenience and safety.

PBB (Passenger Boarding Bridge)

  • KAC’s PBB is replete with innovative technologies, aimed to enhance convenience, safety and user-friendliness for passengers, airlines and airport staffs.
  • Characteristics
    • - Leveling Rotunda Column : allows the bridge to dock with aircraft regardless of the size.
    • - Flat-Floor Tunnel System : enhances mobility and maneuverability for the weak and the disabled
    • - Rooftop Air Conditioner : evenly supplies conditioned air to every corner of tunnels

    • connecting the world, inspring the future
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BHS (Baggage Handling System)

  • KAC developed the double-slope carousel for BHS which is specifically suited for small and medium-sized airports.
  • Characteristics

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