VOC(Voice of Customer) Service Introduction

The Voice of Customer(VOC) service has been arranged as to provide a customer-oriented airport operation service that resolves any curiosities or inconveniences that our customers experience while using the airport more quickly, and that actively reflects suggestions for improvement. The Voice of Customer(VOC) service retains a principle of registering with your real name.

We will try to respond within 2 days to the valuable messages of our customers, and will notify you by SMS or e-mail of the receipt and response completion progress. (However, Weekends and public holidays excluded)

We are conducting a satisfaction survey through e-mail or phone call regarding the response you receive, so we ask for your cooperation despite your busyness in order to provide you with an even better service.
Content containing slander, profanity, joking, advertisement, etc., may be removed at our discretion, and if you request privacy your content will not be visible to others.

VOC Handling Process
VOC 처리 절차 안내
Customers (inquiries, suggestions, complaints, notification) VOC
Channels (call centers and department telephone, in writing, a visit)
VOC system (reception, designated representatives, process and service improvements), and
SMS, EMAIL (progress notification and reply) / VOC treatment satisfaction survey for you to you.

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