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Located at Gokgyo-ri, Hoengseong-eup, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do, Wonju Airport opened as the Hoengseong-gun Airfield in 1975 where its history began. Pushing forward the civil aviation opening from January of 1993, construction began in November of 1995, and was commissioned by Korean Air Co. after it opened in February of 1997. It allows 115,000 aircraft flight operations yearly, and can accommodate 240,000 passengers a year. The ramp can house 1 B737-class aircraft, and the parking lot can accommodate 135 vehicles at one time. It currently operates flights between Wonju-Jeju, and an expansion of the number of flights is expected in accordance with the gradual increase of Jeju route demands.
Wonju International Airport


1995. 11
Beginning of the Wonju Airport construction
1996. 12
Completion of the Wonju Airport construction
1997. 01
Establishment of the Korea Airports Corporation’s Wonju Branch
1997. 02
Opening of the Wonju Airport
2002. 05
Opening of the Wonju Airport
2002. 10
Recommissioning of the daily Wonju/Jeju return-trip flight

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