Parking Lot Guide

At Ulsan Airport there is a Passenger Parking Lot, VIP Parking Lot, and Employee/Civil Parking Lot, and with its automatic license plate number recognition system the parking lot can accommodate a total of 500 vehicles at one time and is available 24 hours a day.

  • You can enter without being issued a parking ticket as your license plate number will be automatically recorded when you enter.
  • To pay your parking fare, settle your fare at an Advance Fare Adjustment Machine within the passenger terminal or by settling your fare at the machine at the exit for the crossing gate to open.
  • The fare adjustments are available to use 24 hours a day when exiting at nighttime

※ Inquire at 052) 219-6309(Night-Duty Room) for compact cars, handicapped, and other discount-eligible vehicles

Phone Number of the Parking Lot Information Center

  • Daytime: 052) 219 - 6318
  • Nighttime: 052) 219 - 6309(Night-Duty Room)

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