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Sacheon Airport is located at Guam-ri, Sacheon-eup, Sacheon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, and it approximately 20km away from Jinju City Hall. It is nearby Jirisan and the Hallyeohaesang National Park and is called the Jinju Airport. It was commissioned by Korean Air Co. in November of 1969, and was suspended due to the construction of the civil aviation facilities in August of 1973 and then recommissioned by Korean Air Co. in February of 1975.

The route between Jinju-Jeju was created in August of 1977, and in April of 1992 Asiana Airlines Co. was commissioned the route between Jinju-Seoul. 165,000 aircraft operations are possible yearly, and can accommodate 1,010,000 passengers. It can accommodate the parking of 320 vehicles and is currently operating a Seoul and Jeju route.
Sacheon International Airport


1969. 11
Commissioning of Korean Air
1970. 02
Sacheon Airfield organization proclamation(Ministry of Transportation)
1973. 08
Suspension(Passenger terminal reconstruction: October 1973 ~ October 1974)
1975. 02
Recommissioning of Korean Air
1990. 06
Operation undertaken by Korea Airports Corporation
1992. 04
Commissioning of Asiana Airlines
1994. 07
Opening and operation of the new complex
2002. 03
Inauguration by the Korea Airports Corporation

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