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01Airport Arrival

Check to the airline check-in counter

  • Your passengers arrive at the airport passenger terminal was the first step on check in at the ticket counter operated by the airline.
    The check-in counter should be treated with all the baggage except for portable products in the aircraft cabin, in the aircraft horizontal 55cm vertical 40cm, height 20cm (sum 115cm or less), only for the goods imported weight of 10kg or less are allowed.
  • In this case, the goods can be a threat to aviation safety and security is not put in checked baggage.
    In addition, all international passengers departing airports in the country or transfer in accordance with government policy brought in cell room liquids are limited. He therefore international flyer liquids (drinks, food, toothpaste, lotions, hair sprays, etc.),please ever transported in luggage entrusted to the airline check-in and put in the bag as possible.

※ Try using an easy boarding.

※ If you become suspicious of baggage X-ray equipment as a result of the search items found dramatically, opening search can be performed under the passenger-spot.

※ aviation safety and carry prohibited goods Guide to Security read more

Please note that when you pack these bags!

  • Lower personal baggage that is easily packed for safe travel. In particular, in the aircraft cabin only one small bag that can fit on a shelf to carry. If Put name tags written in English so that you can paste on the outside and inside of the bag to look good against a customer's name, address and destination.
  • Notebook computers, camcorders, cameras, jewelery, antiques, precious metals, etc. Do not put the burden of expensive goods, please carry yourself. These goods or cash, securities, contract documents, papers, the airport authorities and airlines for any loss or damage resulting of such drugs is not responsible.
  • baggage does not exceed the size and weight must be given to guidance from the airline due to the differences in standards of its size and weight for each airline, please ensure that your goods are packed properly not to damage. Bicycles, sporting goods and special items or pets, such as surf boards must be able to handle the day free starting Please inform the airline in advance.
  • n general, the Americas, the number will be the reference in Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions of the Americas are based on weight. Please check your itinerary and flight class.

Items can take to your room without shipping restrictions

  • Utility knife (aka MacGyver Knife), transient, scissors, a knife embedded nail clipper, golf clubs, etc. can impose to other passengers are classified as mobile restricted items Guests can put on the pre-load I can not help to be brought into the cabin to check-in counters separately Please leave.

Restricted items can not take as checked baggage

  • Dozens of writers or paints, butane gas, burner, etc., so things catch fire or explosive is prohibited in aircraft transportation transport items can not be limited as Jim floss section.
  • Ceramics, electronics, glass bottles, picture frames, such as perishable goods or fragile, easy food, liquids or odors I can not floss article by section.

※ carriage of lithium batteries

Cameras, laptop computers, spare lithium or lithium-ion batteries of mobile phones, etc. shall be such that separate individually packaged to prevent short circuit is allowed only carry-on baggage (less than 100Wh). Additional extra criteria vary for each airline for the battery, please contact your airline in advance. (100wh ~ 160wh airline approved import if there is room available)

All outbound travel must prepare a passport, ticket for emigration.
ID card to security personnel (police petition) at the entrance to the starting chapter (identity card, driving license, passport) and presented by ticket booked identified.

탑승장 신원확인 및 항공권 검사
Personalization Republic of Korea nationals must obtain a passport for foreign travel issued to this foreign minister.
required documents 2 photos passport, ID card (resident registration in other regions residents Part 1), passport applications, overseas travel permit of the Military Manpower Administration (only yet completed his military duty)
Foreign visa (VISA) Once issued the passport must be issued a visa at the diplomatic mission of the country.
However, when traveling to the Republic of Korea and the visa waiver agreement is signed, you can not leave the country without a visa.

Carry goods Search

  • Personnel search a passenger's carry goods in accordance with the guidance raise (purse, wallet, cell phone, keys, etc.) on the conveyor belt of the X-ray equipment platter on the beach basket.
  • If on the basis of the government policy is to bring international passengers to carry liquids that should come from within the aircraft it will be allowed only under the following conditions:
  • Liquids or less per container can be brought 100㎖. Containers exceeding 100㎖ can not be imported, even if you have only a small amount of liquids contained.
  • Passengers imports is possible and must be completely immersed in a zipper or less of liquids per container 100㎖ transparent plastic jipeorak below 1ℓ (Zipper Lock) envelope (size approx 20㎝ × about 20㎝), one passenger per bag jipeorak is limited.

※ Control target and exceptions liquids Goods (Revised in 12/11/2007) : You can purchase Ziploc bag at the cafeteria and your coat, jackets, suits, etc., must be obtained on the X-ray scan.

security check

After passing the sentence metal detectors to remove all belongings from the state, depending on the map Search Agent Receive your search using handheld metal detector.

※ You can perform additional searches based on the tentacles of a sentence or a portable metal detector responses.

05boarding gates and on board aircraft waiting

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