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Pohang Airport photo
Located at Dogu-ri, Donghae-myeon, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongbuk, Pohang Airport is approximately 11.5km away from Pohang City Hall, and 5km away from POSCO in the Guryongpo direction..
Pohang Airport was newly renovated in June of 2002 when its days of having a confined complex were over and now provides a fresh energy to its visitors with its spacious parking lot and various facilities. The airfield was installed in February of 1970, and in March of the same year Korea Air Co. established the route between Pohang-Seoul. In 1992, Asiana Airlines Co. established the route between Pohang-Seoul in April, and between Pohang-Jeju in October. The airport can operate about 100,000 aircraft flights a year, accommodate 3,850,000 domestic passengers, and has a parking lot that can house 530 vehicles.
Pohang Airport


1970. 02
Pohang Airfield installation
1986. 07
Recommissioning of Korean Air (Pohang↔Seoul | F-28)
1990. 06
Establishment and operation of the Korea Airport Authority’s Pohang Branch
1992. 04
Commissioning of Asiana Airlines (Pohang↔Seoul | F737-400)
1992. 10
Commissioning of Asiana Airlines (Pohang↔Jeju | F737-400)
1999 ~ 2002
Expansion construction of the passenger terminal, etc.(Ministry of Construction and Transportation)
2002. 06
Opening of Pohang Airport’s new complex
2005. 08
Suspension of Asiana Airlines’ Jeju route operation
2009. 07
Recommissioning of Asiana Airlines’ Jeju route
2014. 07 ~ 2016. 03
Runway Repaving
2016. 05
Recommissioning of Korean Air’s Gimpo route

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