Phone Number Guide
Classification Institution · Company · Affiliation Name Phone Number
Korea Airports Corporation, Muan Airport Comprehensive Airport Guide 1661-2626
Operations Management Department 061-455-2318
Facilities Department 061-455-2332~39
Night-Duty Room(Public holidays, Night time) 061-455-2309~10
Resident Institutions Busan Regional Aviation Office | Muan Airport Local Office 061-453-0737
Muan Police Station | Airport Police 061-453-9113
Gwangju Customs | Muan Local Office 062-975-8204
Mokpo National Quarantine Station | Muan International Airport Branch 061-452-0961
Gwangju Immigration & Foreigner Office | Muan Airport Immigration 061-453-8846
Agriculture, Food, and Rural Quarantine Headquarters | Honam Regional Headquarters | Gwangju Office(Animal Quarantine) 061-453-8890
Agriculture, Food, and Rural Quarantine Headquarters | Honam Regional Headquarters | Muan Airport Office(Plant Quarantine) 061-452-6796
National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service 061-285-2821
Muan Airport Weather Station 061-453-4365
National Agricultural Cooperative Federation | Muan International Airport Branch 061-453-6900
Jeollanam-do Tourism Association 061-453-2248
Airlines & Ground Operation Agencies Korean Air 061-985-2000~2
Asiana Airlines (When in operation)061-453-8811
(When not in operation)062-607-6400
China Eastern Airlines 061-453-8301~2
Asiana Airport 061-453-8820
Air Korea 061-985-2000~1
Sales Facilities & Restaurant Establishments Convenience Store(7-11)
Duty-Free Shop 061-454-1322~4

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