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Located at Piseo-ri, Mangun-myeon, Muan-gun, Jeollanam-do, Muan Airport is an international airport completed through 10 years of construction as an alternate airport for Mokpo Airport’s domestic flights and Gwangju Airport’s international flights.
Muan Airport is situated near the landscape of the naturally occurring recreation area and the beautiful coastline that reaches 220km, and in the future it will play its role as the base airport in Seonam standing tall as an international base of distribution, recreation, and tourism with its designation as the host of the F1 Grand Prix, the Seonam coast city of tourism and leisure, the Daebul free trade region, as well as the construction of the Muan enterprise city.
Muan International Airport


1990. 01
Feasibility study for airport development
1994. 04
Announcement of the general mid/long-term plan for airport development
1998. 12
Announcement of the general plan for the airport development project
1999. 12
Beginning of construction
2007. 11
Opening of the Muan International Airport
2010. 04
Operation at an upward airport operation class (Class 7 → Class 9)

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