1. CATC Director
  2. Head of Human Resources Training & Development Office
    • Training Administration Department

      Establishment and implementation plans for operating of training and auxiliary facilities

      Facility management for lecture room and library

      Managing materials and equipment for training

      Construction and maintenance of educational facilities

    • Training Management Department (Instructor's office)
      Training Management Department

      Implementing and operating KAC internal courses such as legal training

      Managing cooperational training courses such as international control/navigation training and commissioned training by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

      Managing professional training courses(Air traffic controller course)

      Managing Aviation Security Training Center (international security training of ICAO and local training)

      Managing Service Academy (CS training)

      Collection of training data and its analysis

      Instructor office

      Development of new courses

      Lecture material research and its preparation

      Evaluation of training

      Research and development of training system per field and its collection, analysis and research of related materials

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