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Privacy Statements

In the Korea Airports Corporation web page, we collect personal information, separated by required and optional information, as shown below, to provide services, such as sending processing results on customer support, Inconvenience, convenience, customer proposals, etc.

1. Required items to be collected

* Required items: name, mobile number, email address, date of birth

2. Collection and use purposes

To secure a path for good communication with the customer (ex) deliver the information regarding the processing result, which is received from the customer feedback and other sources.

3. Retention and use periods

After processing the customer’s answer, the customer’s personal information will automatically destruct when the retention period (2 years) of statistics and business management has expired. Retention period: 2 years

[Optional] Agree to the corporation providing and using the marketing information

1. Korea Airports Corporation can offer its users in the forms of mails, emails, or others the various information it deems necessary for the usage of the services.
The following information is provided to the users.

① News and notice of the website.
② Advertisements and newsletters offered by the corporation.
③ Information other corporations provide in their websites.

2. You can choose which type of information you wish to receive on the sign-up page or user information page. If you don’t want to receive any, you can unsubscribe in the sign-up request menu or in the user information setting menu.

3. Korea Airports Corporation can post advertisements about the service page, website, emails, and others relevant to its service operations. The users utilizing the service are automatically considered agreeing to such advertisements being posted.

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