Professor, CATC

Professor, CATC

Name Career milestone Field/Subject E-mail
Hong Gi-hyo

Professor, CATC

Chief, Cheongju branch, KAC

Marketing Chief, KAC

Ph. D, Air Transport, Korea Aerospace University

Master, MBA, Sogang University

Airport management and management (marketing) sophia@airport.co.kr
Ha Sung-young

Professor, CATC

Acting director, KAC

Air traffic controller, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Air traffic control(ATC)
Aviation information
Lee Chang-sung

Professor, CATC

Supervisor, Jeju Control Tower

Supervisor of Jeju Approach Control Unit

M. Ed. (Educational Administration)

Air traffic control(ATC)

Aviation information

Park Young-sik

Professor, CATC

R&D Business Center(R&D of aviation light field)

Incheon Air Route Facilities Center

Seoul Aviation Light Team


MPEP, Seoul National University

M.S. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University

Aviation light

Airport power

Seo, Jongseok

Professor, CATC

International Instructor Course (International Air Transport Association, IATA)

Navigational Aid

Aviation Information and Communication Facilities

Instrument landing system(ILS)

Distance measuring equipment(DME)

Moon Jeong-il

Professor, CATC

Navigation System Concepts (FAA)

ILS Theory (FAA)

Aviation English (FAA)

Completed IATA international instructor course

Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, Korea National University of Transportation

Navigational safety facilities

VHF omni-directional radio range(VOR)

Distance measuring equipment(DME)

Wu Chang-won

Professor, CATC

Radar control team, Seoul regional branch

Navigational electronics team, Jeju regional branch

Navigational Aid Monitoring Field

Surveillance system and radar

Aviation control system ADS and MLAT

Lee Doo-hyun

Professor, CATC

Navigation R&D team, R&D Business Cente

MS in Technology and Innovation Management, Korea Aerospace University

ILS Principle(FAA)

International Instructor Course (FAA)

Instrument landing system(ILS)

VHF omni-directional radio range(VOR)

Distance measuring equipment(DME)

Kim Jeong-min

Professor, CATC

Headquarter, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (ANS international cooperation/controlplanning/airspace/procedures)

Air traffic control center (control/airspace)

Seoul Regional Office of Aviation (control operation/planning)

ASBU Implementation Course(SAA)

PANS-OPS Procedure Design Initial Course(ICAO)

Airspase & Procedures(FAA)

ATM (Air traffic control, airspace/procedures, aviation information)

ASBU (Future aviation system conversion plan)

Airport Management

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