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Jeju International Airport is located at 2, Gonghang-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do. It is in an important geopolitical location that connects Southeast Asia, and China and Japan located at the center of Northeast Asia.
Jeju-do is our country’s largest island, and with 8 inhabited island and 55 uninhabited islands it makes up the smallest island in terms of administrative districts. It is the Mecca of honeymoons in Korea, and as the largest gateway airport of Jeju-do, which is the number 1 graduation trip location of university students, Jeju International Airport is home to the busy foot traffic of tourists even today.
Jeju International Airport


1942. 01
Installation of the army airfield
1946. 01
Commissioning of civil aircrafts (Seoul - Gwangju - Jeju)
1958. 01
Installation of the Jeju Airfield (Ministry of Construction and Transportation)
1968. 04
Elevation to an international airport
1985. 09
Operation overtaken by the Korea Airport Authority
2000. 07
Opening and operation of the new cargo terminal
2002. 3. 2
Company name changed to Korea Airports Corporation
2004. 6. 8
Beginning of operation of the new control tower
2006. 10. 17
Expansion of the Domestic Flights Passenger Terminal(Boarding wing)
2008. 9. 8
Beginning of operation of the new radar facilities
2009. 11. 24
Expansion of the International Flights Passenger Terminal
2012. 12
Completion of Jeju International Airport’s expansion construction

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