Parking Lot Guide

Jeju International Airport has a spacious parking lot in front of the Passenger Terminal and the Cargo Terminal, and an Employee/Monthly Contract Parking Lot, that can park a total of 2,500 vehicles at one time.

  • When you enter through the parking lot entrance, the crossing gate will open as your license plate number is automatically recognized, and your time of entry data will be automatically recorded along with your license plate number.
  • If your license plate number is not recognized and the crossing gate does not open you can take a parking ticket from the machine and enter when the crossing gate opens.
  • When exiting, your license plate number will be recognized when you arrive collection booth at the exit and will automatically display your license plate number and fare amount on the electronic screen(Fare Display), and you will be issued a receipt once you pay the displayed amount to the collector.
  • If you entered by being issued a ticket you can exit by giving your ticket to the collector and settling your fare.

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