Parking Lot Guide

Gunsan Airport is equipped with 1 paid parking lot that can accommodate 334 vehicles at one time. For users who wish to utilize the parking lot for long-stay we have been implementing a sharp reduction of the parking fare from March 10th, ’99.

  • 09:00 ~ end of aircraft operation(Nighttime and dawn exit possible)
  • Crossing gate opens when removing the parking ticket that automatically dispenses at the parking lot entrance
  • When exiting, the crossing gate opens after handing over the parking ticket and paying the fare at the parking lot exit

※ In case of a lost parking ticket, collection will be according to the nighttime parking record at 09:00 on the date of entry

Phone Number of the Parking Lot Information Center

  • Parking Lot : 063)469-8323
  • Nighttime Exit : Exit possible after inquiring via 063)469-8313

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