Hangar Introduction

With a scale of 12,490.20㎡, the Business Aviation Center’s hangar can contain 8 G550-class aircraft(28.5m standard width) or 4 Boeing B737-class aircraft(34.3m standard width) simultaneously.
The hangar is in operation 24 hours a day and can be used hourly/daily after reservations are made.

Hangar Information
Classification Operator
12490.2㎡ AVJET ASIA Co.

AVJET ASIA is an exclusive provider of maintenance services at SGBAC. The services include interior and exterior cleaning, AOG and line maintenance, etc.

< AVJET ASIA Contacts >

  • TEL : +82-2-6732-8898~9
  • FAX : +82-2-6455-3091
  • E-MAIL : gservice@avjet.kr
  • Website : www.avjet.kr

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