CIQ Control

Exclusive CIQ(Customs, Immigration and Quarantine) control at SGBAC will allow passengers to experience a speedy and efficient process.

VIP Lounge

SGBAC, as a dedicated and exclusive terminal for business jets, offers a high degree of privacy and comfort for all VIP guests visiting the center.
Discover our spacious and fully-equipped VIP lounge, private meeting rooms and etc.

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  • How to use : Advance reservations
  • Usage charge : FREE for passengers going through the SGBAC UNDER 1 HOUR. Charge 150,000 KRW for each hour after 1 complimentary hour.

Crew Lounge

A separate crew lounge is provided for crew members to relax and prepare for their next flight in comfortable and pleasant settings. The crew lounge is accessible for free to all crew members going through SGBAC.  

  • * PCs with access to internet
  • * Comfortable lounge chairs and bed
  • * TV, magazines and entertainment
  • * Tea&Coffee, light refreshment

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