About SGBAC (Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center)

Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center made its debut in 2016 as the nation''''''''s first dedicated business aviation services facilities.
The facilities are comprised of an executive terminal and 12,490m2 of hangar that can accomodate up to eight G550 or Global 6000 simultaneously.
The terminal and a part of hangar(5,721m2) are directly managed by KAC, with the remaining maintenance hangar area(6,769m2) managed by AVJET ASIA, a leading company in global business aviation.
As the best spot for international corporate jets to get to and from Asia, we will commit to providing our valued customers with the safest and highest quality of services.

Three Advantages of SGBAC

1. SGBAC is situated as the hub of Asia-Pacific region,
    and located only 17km away from the city center.
2. Sufficient slots and parking stands are available at Gimpo Airport.
   (77 parking stands including 7 designated spots for business aircraft)

3. Experience a smooth and fast five-minute CIQ procedure.

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