CATC Instructors

CATC Instructors
Name Photo Education & Job Background Major Field E-mail
Hong, Gi Hyo 홍기효 교수 사진 Instructor
Airport Director of Cheongju Int''l Airport
Director of Marketing Dept.
Completed Ph.D course in Aviation Industry and Airport at Korea Aerospace Univ.
Master''s Degree in Marketing at Sogang MBA School
Airport Management and Operation(Specialized in Airport Marketing)
Ha, Sung-Young 하성영 교수 사진 Instructor
Working experience in Seoul Regional Aviation Administration
Former Chief of Operation at Jeju Airport Aviation Office
Former Chief of Communication Division and Air Safety Division at Gimpo Airport Aviation Office
Working experiences with Aviation Control, Facility Management, Fly Procedure, Training at headquarter of MLIT
Flight Information
Airport Operation
Lee, Duk Young 이덕영 교수 사진 Instructor
Director of safety Deputy of Aviation Safety Division
Chief Controller of ACC
M.A. in International commerce, In-ha University graduate school
Air Traffic Control
Cho, Kwang Sik 조광식 교수 사진 Project Manager of CambodiaCATC
International Instructor Course(FAA)
ILS Principle(FAA)
Navigation safety facility
Kim, Kwang-Joo 김광주 교수 사진 Instructor
Former Director of Air Control Division, Air Safety Division, ATS and Communication Division in Seoul Regional Aviation Administration
Former Head of Flight Inspection Center in Seoul Regional Aviation Administration
Former Head of Seoul Control Center
Former Head of Gimpo Control Tower
Master's degree of International Commerce Logistics at INHA Graduate School of Logistics
ATS(Air Traffic Control)
Air Intelligence
Airport Operation
Kim, Sang Gyu 김상규 교수 사진 Instructor
Instructional Technique & Design Course(IATA)
Aerial light facilities, maintenance installation etc.
Lee, Chang Sung 이창성 교수 사진 Project Manager of CambodiaCATC
Supervisor of Jeju Control tower
Supervisor of Jeju Approach Control unit
Air Traffic Control
Aeronautical information
Jo, Han Jun 조한준 교수 사진 Instructor
Traffic Safety Administrator
Graduate School of Industrial Engineering, Myongji University
Airport facilities could Distribution
Airport Electrical Safety
Electrical laws and regulations
Suh, Jong Suk 서종석 교수 사진 Instructor
International Instructor Course(IATA)
Navigation safety facility
Aviation Information Communication
Moon, Jeong Il 문정일 교수 사진 Project Manager of Cambodia CATC
M.A. in Information and Communication Engineering
Navigation Systems Concepts(FAA)
Navigation safety facility
Park, Sung Ho 박성호 교수 사진 Instructor
Manager of RADAR & ATC Communication team of Gimpo Int''l Airport
Manager of ENG Business Team in R&D Business Center
MSc of Air Transportation Management, CRANFIELD UNIV.(U.K.)
International Instructor Course (ICAO)
Navigation Safety Facility
RADAR and Surveillance System
Air Traffic Management System
Lee, Doo Hyun 이두현 교수 사진 Instructor
NAVAID R&D Team in R&D Business Center
M.A. in Technology and Innovation Management
ILS Principle(FAA)
ATS(Air Traffic Control)
Air Intelligence
Airport Operation
Kim, Jeong Min 김정민 교수 사진 Instructor
ATC/Airspace Div. Area Control Center(ACC)
ATC Div. Seoul Regional Aviation Authority(SRAA)
ASBU Implementation Course, SAA
PANS-OPS Procedure Design Initial Course, ICAO
Airspase & Procedures, FAA
Air Traffic Management (ATC, Airspace etc.)
ASBU(Aviation System Block Upgrade)

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