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Number Image Facility name Floor Area Type Detailed type Location
1 CAFE DE Specialtea CAFE DE Specialtea's /Air Rounge 休HUE 4F Normal Store Medical / Rest Left
2 City Duty Free City Duty Free 3F Isolation Store ETC Center
3 The arrivals hall The arrivals hall 1F Isolation Public Facilities Restaruant / Cafe Center
4 zoo coffee zoo coffee 1F Normal Store Restaruant / Cafe Right
5 Woori Bank Woori Bank 1F Normal Store Finace / Internet Communication Right
6 LOTTE Duty-free shop LOTTE Duty-free shop 3F Isolation Store Business Left
7 Duty-free center Duty-free center 3F Isolation Public Facilities ETC Left
8 Baggage Storage Baggage Storage 1F Normal Public Facilities ETC Right
9 Meeting place Meeting place 1F Normal Public Facilities ETC Right
10 Korean Air Korean Air 2F Normal Store Airline Services Center

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