S.E.S(Smart Entry Service)

Smart Entry Service(S.E.S) is the name of Korea’s automated immigration inspection system, which is a cutting-edge immigration inspection system in which you register your passport details and bio information(fingerprint and facial) in advance and then utilize this service to go through immigration via the Smart Entry Service Gate. If you register for the S.E.S in advance you can complete your immigration inspection process within approximately 12 seconds.

Advance Registration Method

  • Any citizen over the age of 17 who has been issued a resident registration card
  • can register by taking their passport
  • and visiting the advance registration office

Directions to the Gimpo International Airport Advance Registration Office(2nd and 3rd floor)

The S.E.S Advance Registration Center just before the immigration inspection on the 3rd floor of International Flights
  • “Glass
    Go through the glass doors after completing identity verification at the departure area
  • “Security
    Go through the Security Search Stand
  • 03
    Use the Immigration Office Advance Registration Center on the right of the immigration checkpoint
The office on the inner side of the check-in counter on the 2nd floor of International Flights
  • 2nd floor Counter D Area photo” />
												<dd class=2nd floor Counter D Area
  • “Move
    Move to inner passage
  • “Ministry
    Advance registration can be conducted at the Ministry of Justice Immigration Office

Usage Procedure

For detailed conditions please refer to the Ministry of Justice website (http://www.ses.go.kr)

  • “photo”
    Place the personal information page of your passport onto the reader.
  • “photo”
    When the automatic doors open, enter into the gate.
  • “photo”
    Place your registered finger onto the fingerprint reader.
    The screen will display which finger you’ve registered.
  • “photo”
    Please face the camera for the facial recognition.
    This procedure may skipped depending on the gate model.
  • “photo”
    When the automatic doors open, exit out of the gate.

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